"True Christians Stand Unyielding, Fearless, and Proclaim the Truth!"
Dr. Casey A. Butner
Pastor, BBCWG.org
Christian Leader, OurCountryOurChoice.com

Our Country Our Choice’s battle plan is the empowerment of the American people, to help them identify and elect representatives who prioritize traditional American values. Knowing that the political side is being worked on, what is our Christian duty? We must pray and participate. See details below.


It is time to revive our nation.

Join us in the mission to re-establish the founding principles of faith in this nation through prayer, education, and action. Our Creator put us here for a purpose.

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Prayer Group

This country needs prayer. A nation that prays together, stays together.

“In everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Philippians 4:6


"Your Word is Truth" John 17:17

True education is found in God’s Word which is foundational for life. We equip Christians with Biblical content for family, church and civil engagement.


Christians in Our Country Need Trustworthy Resources.

We at Our Country Our Choice want to equip the American people with great resources to educate themselves from a Biblical world view. Especially regarding governmental affairs. The resources we recommend are all of the same conviction in that the Word of God is true, authoritative and sufficient. The Word of God reveals the way of salvation. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life in Heaven (John 14:6).

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