The time to act is yesterday.

Christians must act now. We must choose Christian leaders to step up and serve.


Christians and churches have a key role to play in reaching the masses needed to create a movement that will help steer America back to its Christian values. God has given us this country, let’s fight for it!

Together, we are creating a historic movement to save our beloved nation from destruction. God restored Nineveh. Before it is too late, let’s join our prayers and actions for a restoring Our Country!

Challenge: (Issue)

  • Can you fathom that our own Government is attempting to brand Christians as a cult and an adversary of our nation?
  • Can you fathom that our own government is engaged in sexualization our small children?
  • Can you fathom that our Government is imposing social justice within our churches?
  • Can you fathom that our own government is prepared to apprehend Christians for praying in public?
  • Can you fathom that our own government is obstructing Christian parents from adopting children?


We are confronting a struggle between good and evil. We cannot afford to stand idly by, and every Christian must rise.

Our goal is to bring back God and morality to our nation. We’re committed to ensuring that Christians can freely exercise their rights under the 2nd amendment. We strongly oppose any attacks on Christians or Christianity, advocating for hate crime prosecution against offenders.

  1. Establishing the largest prayer-group in U.S. history.
  2. Setting aside our differences and coming together in unity.
  3. Holding elected officials accountable through voting and demanding transparency.
  4. Supporting Christian candidates who solely accept donations from individual citizens.